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We provide comprehensive services like consulting, market research and trend analysis. You can leave it to us to solve all your queries related to artwork, trending products and ranges, packaging development, soap shapes and sizes, fragrance development etc. Our skilled team listens to your questions and always gives the best suggestions. They work with suppliers to retain the new and best ingredients. We are also fully equipped to ensure safety tests and use paraben and sulfate-free substances.

Hindocare products run a number of certification tests for safety and quality before they’re shipped to the market. The products that require claims or the ones needed to be tested for efficacy on the skin may take more than a year to develop, because the effectiveness of formulation depends on the active ingredients.

This is what we'll do for you

  • Develop the product according to your requirement.
  • Get all the regulatory requirements
  • Offer a choice of packaging solutions
  • Fill and pack with the provided component, as per the Regulations set by the prevailing rules
  • Do in-house lab testing or arrange third-party testing
  • Deliver on time